We invest our time and money in things that can change this world, therefore we are always up-to-date.


We are creative minded people and always think out of the box, therefore come up with great ideas.


Innowait is an agency built on top of passionate people, who work with motivation and responsibility.


We have years of experience in background, so we are confident that we do things right.

our services are broad

We build things with piece of art and perfectionism in mind.

A-Z Development
Life-time support

Relationships are our most important value, we don't stop our work after the job has been done. We provide lifetime support with free system updates and other services.


We are open minded people, so are always happy to consult you if you need any help in any decisions connecting your business.

24/7 Monitoring

Each project is (by request) connected to our centralised monitoring system that notifies us if something went wrong. Take care of your business, we will take care of the application.

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Innowait CMS

We don't create solutions on top of free "buggy" software

We respect our clients and will never save money on solutions and quality we provide, therefore we don't use free website engines like "Wordpress" or others (like most of Digital Agencies do). We provide our customers a high end system that is written entirely by our team and gives our customers robust solution that is built on top of the latest technologies and practises. According to benchmarks our platform is in average 5 times faster and more reliable than any other.

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Technical Stack

We use and contribute in technologies we trust on
We use nginx to set up robust servers and provide best performance Symfony Framework is currently most innovative and reliable framework for Web Applications We use docker to create smooth and equal environments ElasticSearch helps us to aggregate millions of data for our customers Why should we struggle with team collaborative development if there is git React JS helps us in building fast and maintainable UIs If the volume is high - Varnish creates caching layer for best performance MongoDB is a great balance between fast NoSQL storage and reliable system