01 Introduction

Jewelry has always been a symbol of luxury , wealth, personality and taste . In the world of globalization and the endless stream of proposals , sometimes it is hard to keep your own style.

Precious new items that emphasize your individuality is reflecting something deeply personal , whether understated elegance and sophistication , elegance, and taste for innovation since 2004, created together with you and for you.

Exclusive jewelery, among which there are both original and fashion, also model and elegant can not remain indifferent ... We do not just make products , ensuring high quality, we invite you to the world of amazing journey of creating jewelry that is sure to exceed all expectations.

Stragov Jewelry is one of the best jewelers in the country and offer best customer experience!

Start Date

Jul 2015


App Development


website, design, marketing

02 Story

Owner of this business has been our friend for a while and many years ago we offered him a free website, just because we loved his products so much! It was a great collaboration between a creative and exceptional jeweler and creative agency that took quality over everything! Since then we have done multiple iterations on his website and our goal was to create something simple, but modern to make sure we focus their customers on products, not the website itself! Our latest revision seem to be a great match and are looking forward to build more features to that website!

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